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19-Year-Old College Student, Earning Extra Income from Home

Profiles Samantha Morris a 19 year old business major at the University of Victoria in Canada, who's earning extra income for college saying goodbye to the starving student days.

Going hungry as a student is practically synonymous with the college experience. Many students live in cramped quarters, cutting mold off cheese and eating it with day old bread the coffee shop gave away, feeling lucky at discovering an uneaten Snickers Bar, calling it a meal, which sure beats the packaged macaroni and cheese, which has been the only staple in the cabinet for months. It gets so bad some students sell their blood just to pay for classes and books.

Samantha's not starving. As fellow students like to say, She's been there, done that, proving to be quite a role model too. In the past this gal worked part time jobs. The money barely paid for books, let alone the apartment, food and college tuition.

Like many college kids Samantha surfed the Internet, instead of finding the latest rock and roll song she discovered a way to end her starving college days for good. She found affiliate marketing, earning extra income from home, on her hours, around school work, and an active social life.

As Samantha says, No more going hungry before class, thanks to affiliate marketing I have enough money for living expenses and school and I'm saying money too. Maybe Ill study in Europe. Anything is possible now.

Samantha mentions that most students aren't prepared for the future. In the class room the learning is passive. Samantha says, With affiliate marketing, its active learning and real world experience. And experience is everything.

Samantha's learning marketing, finance, design, and the sweet joy of financial independence at a young age. Sometimes its the young ones that show the way. Anyone can make a success with affiliate marketing. Listen to Samantha's story and you'll learn how.

What is affiliate marketing?

By now most people have heard all about the success of What they may not know is that Amazon spawned an Internet industry in 1996, by allowing independent website owners to earn commissions by referring paying customers to them. This is known as pay-for-performance-advertising or affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing its important to remember, that there are three primary roles consisting of the merchant, the affiliate (publisher) and the third party (Commission Junction). The merchants (advertisers) pay a commission on sales generated by customers, which the affiliate (publisher) sends to their sites. Commission Junction (third party) pays affiliates on behalf of the merchants and provides a tracking system. The merchant handles all order processing, shipping, and customer service.

Visit Commission Junction,  ( to see a partial listing of their top-notch merchants offering affiliate programs.

How Samantha got started in affiliate marketing

Samantha's says with the enthusiasm and bubble of youth, Its cause of Jamie. She's referring to her mentor, James Martell, an entrepreneur, and successful affiliate marketer of over 70 specialty shopping sites and author of James Mar tells Affiliate Marketers Handbook.

Samantha says, James system is very straight forward, its inspiring, really gives you confidence, that you can have financial independence on your terms, not the bosses.






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